Meet the team

Highmark Homes was established by John Pefferini and Anthony Savona, each of whom bring decades of industry experience to every new home.

One of Highmark Homes strengths is a loyal and professional team, who bring passion and commitment to each job.


Meet Betty

Betty works closely with our customers on all the important financial aspects of home builds. But by far her favourite role is helping to create the overall look and feel of our customers’ homes. From choosing the colour palette to the materials, fixtures and fittings, Betty helps our customers navigate all the decisions that make sure the end result is just right.

Meet Jess

Jess is our front of house manager who works tirelessly with the site supervisor, to ensure our customers are consistently kept informed of their build’s progress.

Meet Judy

Judy knows what makes a house a home. Heading up our sales team, Judy works with customers to truly understand their lifestyle needs, getting creative within their budget, and even assisting with finding the right block of land.

Meet Thomas

No quality building company can operate without a master draftsperson, and we are very lucky to have Thomas on our team. Firmly believing in the “measure twice, cut once” philosophy, Thomas makes sure everything is perfect on the drawing board as well as ensuring the planning and permits are all in line.

Meet Nasrin

Nasrin brings technical support to the Highmark Homes drafting process, making sure all plans are documented with accuracy and precision.