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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a builder’s warranty?

All builders are subject to the same warranty obligations. Generally, these are 90 days from completion. However, at Highmark Homes we provide an extended maintenance warranty period of six months.

How long is a structural warranty?

Builders must take out warranty insurance (Domestic Building Insurance) with an approved insurer as one of the requirements to obtaining a building permit. This insurance cover provides protection to the building owner (in certain circumstances) for a period of six years for structural defects and two years for non-structural defects. Beyond this, domestic building owners may take action against a builder up to 25 years after the issue of certificate of occupancy or date of inspection of report to initiate proceedings.

What kind of slabs do you use?

At Highmark Homes we do not have a “one size fits all” approach towards slabs. We do not use waffle slabs exclusively; we also use conventional raft slabs. We only decide which is most appropriate once a contour survey and soil test is carried out. Our slabs are then designed and certified by a qualified engineer.

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