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Enjoy a top no-cost upgrade… for up top!

Highmark Homes are offering a no-cost upgrade to a COLORBOND® steel roof with selected new homes.^

a chance to WIN $20,000* CASH!


Your home can benefit for the exceptional advantages and added style that a COLORBOND® steel roof will bring to your new home.

PLUS you’ll also enjoy the chance to WIN $20,000* cash compliments of COLORBOND® steel

Strong, beautiful and durable COLORBOND®  steel is tried and tested in Australian conditions to look great and deliver outstanding, long life performance.

  • Tested in some of the harshest Australian conditions
  • 22 colours in the Classic and Contemporary range
  • Over 50 years of testing and development
  • Easy maintenance & warranties available for eligible applicants
  • Conforms to relevant Australian Standards

^This promotion is only valid for Highmark Homes Standard Design Range with Highmark Homes Complete Living Inclusion Package only. It is not valid for Custom Builds or Easy Living Inclusion Package.


Here in Australia, our buildings certainly face some pretty challenging weather conditions from extremes of heat and cold, to dust, rain, wind and hail. And it’s for this reason that COLORBOND® steel is assessed at outdoor sites around Australia, as well as in accelerated laboratory testing. COLORBOND® steel undergoes corrosion testing, durability testing, application testing (to ensure it can be used in a wide range of building and manufacturing applications, and with all the common building products used across the industry) and outdoor exposure testing. As part of the assessment program, there are over 12,000 panels on exposure across Australia, ranging from moderate to very severe marine environments, and from tropical to industrial locations.


BlueScope’s assessment program for COLORBOND® steel is designed to replicate building applications in actual Australian conditions. By recreating actual building applications – including varying pitches, profiles, product types and the inclusion of unwashed areas – BlueScope’s assessment regime exceeds Australian testing standards for steel building products, giving a genuine understanding of how COLORBOND® steel will perform on real homes.


22 beautiful COLORBOND® steel colours to choose from for the home you’ve always dreamt of. With a selection of classic and contemporary colours in the COLORBOND® steel range to choose from, you can mix and match so that your roof complements your gutters, fascia and downpipes on your new home.


5 Layers of Protection

Manufactured in Australia and tested over the last 50 years in some of the harshest Australian conditions, genuine COLORBOND® steel is far more than just 'paint on steel'.

Manufactured in Australia to Australian Standards (AS1397 and AS/NZS 2728) and tested in some of the harshest Australian conditions over the last 50 years, genuine COLORBOND® steel is far more than just ‘paint on steel’.

  • The steel base is manufactured to meet relevant Australian Standards, ensuring strict adherence to the required grade and strength.
  • The base is then coated in BlueScope’s industry leading metallic coating incorporating Activate® technology*, to provide enhanced corrosion resistance.
  • A thin pretreatment layer is applied to optimise the adhesion of further coatings.
  • A corrosion inhibitive primer is baked onto the surface.
  • A topcoat of specially developed, exterior grade paint is baked on to provide resistance to chipping, flaking and blistering and to ensure the finish retains its look for longer.

*Activate® technology is not available for COLORBONDsup Intramax® steel, and COLORBOND® steel products with a galvanised steel substrate.

Fire Protection

Whether you live, or are planning to build in a bushfire prone area, or simply want to increase the bushfire protection afforded to your home, COLORBOND® steel may help protect your property. The CSIRO’s research and investigation into the performance of residential boundary fencing in bushfires (download here) found that "a steel fence offers greater protection to people's homes against bushfire than other alternative materials because of its non-combustibility"....Of the different materials tested, pre-painted and metallic coated sheet steel (in this case made from COLORBOND® steel) performed best under all exposure conditions and in particular when faced with a 30 minute flame immersion test used to stimulate potential effects of an adjacent house fire, which is common during bushfire events."

Roofing, walling, gutters and downpipes made from COLORBOND® steel may be used as part of a compliant system in bushfire prone areas, including in the most extreme, BAL-FZ (Bushfire Attack Level – Flame Zone) as defined in AS 3959:2018. In BAL-FZ “there is an extremely high risk of ember attack and burning debris ignited by windborne embers, and a likelihood of exposure to an extreme level of radiant heat and direct exposure to flames from the fire front.” (AS 3959:2018).

For more information on BlueScope Product Solutions for Bushfire areas, please visit:

Thermal Efficiency

Many people know that the colour of your roof can make a difference to your cooling bill and no less than five of the colours in the COLORBOND® steel range qualify as solar reflective (light coloured) roofing under the Green Star Communities tool. But there’s another way that COLORBOND® steel can help make your home more energy efficient. Every colour (except Night Sky® ) in the standard COLORBOND® steel range features Thermatech® solar reflectance technology. Thermatech® technology is designed to reflect more of the sun's heat on hot, sunny days, which can mean less dependence on air-conditioning, plus reduced heat stress for your roof.


COLORBOND® steel is durable and resilient to Australia's harsh climate and its long life helps conserve resources and energy that may otherwise be invested in products with a shorter life span.


All COLORBOND® steel contains recycled content and the steel in COLORBOND® steel is 100% recyclable. In some cases it can be reused without reprocessing, again saving on energy and resource use.

On Display

All Highmark Homes Display Homes feature COLORBOND® steel. See how the sharp lines and beautiful colours combine to make a striking visual statement on any new home.

Plus a chance to WIN a bonus $20K* if you sign up to build an eligible home with us

Quality, choice and exteriors are all key considerations in every Highmark Homes design - which is why we only choose well-known and trusted brands to provide the materials that complete and complement our homes.

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